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Why Choose Hallier Benefit Advisors (HBA)

Striving to Succeed

At HBA, we strive to exceed, rather than just meet our clients’ expectations. HBA associates work with you to identify your goals and objectives in the benefits arena. Often, with our involvement and guidance, we are able to help you reduce costs, while improving the benefits derived from your insurance plans. As your advisor, we represent you – not the insurance companies.

Evaluate Client Needs

Our agency is capable and prepared to help you evaluate your needs, survey the marketplace, prepare side-by-side plan and price comparisons for your review, and then help you implement the plan(s) that you determine best meet your objectives. We work with our clients to develop a successful employee benefits strategy using our local presence complemented by the carriers’ national strength and expertise using technology to enhance and streamline the delivery of these services.

The benefit programs you invest in affect multiple facets of your organization from morale and employee retention to administrative efficiency and your overall bottom line. Our overall strategy, combined with our expertise and passion for getting the job done right, result in improved effectiveness and efficiency for our clients as it relates to their employee benefit programs.

Competitive Market Analysis

We constantly find that it is imperative to always be aware of competitive options for our clients. We can then use these options to leverage contract negotiations and renewal terms. If we can demonstrate to our incumbent carriers that there are other viable, attractive options in the market, it can assist us in keeping our clients’ costs and benefits as competitive as possible.

Employee Wellness and Productivity

Workplace wellness is now a strategic boardroom imperative used to align employee behaviors related to physical, mental and financial health with shared employer and employee goals. At a time when renewal premiums are increasing, HBA believes that wellness is an important component of an overall successful employee benefit program. As health care costs continue to rise, it is important for your employees to understand how personal decisions and behaviors affect their health care and the overall success of the group plan. We work with our clients to determine their goals and level of commitment factoring in budget constraints and time.

Employer & Employee Communication

HBA develops custom enrollment materials so your employees understand how their plans work and how valuable they are as a part of a total compensation package.

We provide on-going communications through a variety of sources:

  • Benefit guides for open enrollment
  • Provide support at open enrollment time with explaining choices and assisting enrollment
  • Be available to respond to questions regarding the plan, claims and eligibility
  • Periodic employee benefit seminars
  • Monthly electronic newsletter with timely topics relating to employee benefit matters

Legislation and Compliance

Andy Hennier, our staff attorney, will work side by side with the client to communicate on a regular basis any compliance issue that might affect the group. Andy is one of six agents in Missouri and Kansas to be certified by The National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) professional development course on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Human resources departments in every company are challenged with staying on top of industry requirements, state and federal mandates, and new legislation compliance requirements. Employer sponsored benefit insurance programs are the sole focus of our organization. Therefore, we are familiar and experienced with the statutes, rules and regulations associated with our industry. To keep abreast of these updates we consistently and continually educate ourselves and our staff. We utilize educational meetings from our insurance company partners, programs through the many industry associations we are involved with and all other viable methods to stay abreast of all aspects of successfully governing an employee benefit plan. We relay and disseminate information that we deem important, critical and relevant to our clients on a regular basis via email notifications. This information is also included in our monthly newsletter.

As an additional value–added service, we have partnered with HR360 to deliver a state-of-the-art human resources library to all of our clients at no additional cost. In many ways, HR360 acts as an ‘online HR department’. HR360 covers key areas such as Employee Benefits, Human Resources Issues, Employment Law, Hiring and Termination. The web site also provides hundreds of downloadable HR forms and posters as well as online HR tools and interactive step-by-step guides for doing performance reviews, hiring and termination, in addition to help with COBRA and FMLA. However, where we really feel we shine is that instead of letting you know where that data exists so you can research, our clients prefer coming to us directly with specific needs that we immediately address rather than just giving them the places to do it themselves.

Technology – Making Your Job Easier

Your HBA team incorporates the latest technology helping you improve efficiency and save time and money.

  • Online application submission for underwriting, and quoting
  • Online enrollment, billing, and administration
  • Claims advocacy and EOB reconciliation
  • Billing and provider issue resolution, and more!

Individual Solutions

HBA offers a variety of individual insurance options in the following categories.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care
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