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Individual Products


When group plans are not an option, individual policies through Hallier Benefit Advisors (HBA) can help provide benefits. Directly purchased by an individual or a family, these policies can be tailored to lifestyle and health predispositions to ensure that you have the coverage for minor illnesses and major health setbacks alike. We can help find a comfortable balance between paying for coverage you are unlikely to need and having a safety net when an illness occurs.

Individual Products

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care

Products in Conjunction with our Team of Experienced Colleagues

  • Buy-Sell Funding – Business Continuation due to death or disability of owner
  • Key-Person Insurance – Protect your business due to death or disability of key employee
  • Split-dollar Insurance – Selective perks to business owner/key executives
  • Salary Continuation – “Golden Handcuffs”
  • IRC Section 162 Bonus – Tax favored method of providing personal benefits to executives with company dollars – also known as executive bonus
  • Business Overhead Expense Insurance
  • Estate Planning – Achieve goals for distribution of assets following death while minimizing taxes
  • Property/Casualty, Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

HR Solutions

HBA has partnered with HR360 to provide our clients with comprehensive HR services. This partnership covers the following areas.

  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Employment Law
  • Hiring and Termination
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