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» Nevada Adopts Employee Paid Leave Law

July 11, 2019

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New Law Becomes Effective Jan. 1, 2020.

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2020, private employers with 50 or more employees in Nevada will be required to provide paid leave to all employees, except for temporary, seasonal and on-call workers.

When this law becomes effective, employees will accrue 0.01923 hours of paid leave for every hour of work they perform. Employees will be able to use this paid leave for any reason and will be compensated at the wage rate they receive at the time they use their paid leave. Employees must notify their employers of their intent to use this leave as soon as practicable.

Employers can limit the paid leave an employee can use to 40 hours during the year. However, employers may allow employees to carry over up to 40 hours of unused paid leave to the following year. The new law also requires employers to display a workplace poster (PDF) that explains this new law to employees and to maintain a record of all accrued and used paid leave for 1 year.

Click here for more information on Nevada’s paid leave.

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